About Us

Who are we?

https://helagrocery.com is the latest e-supermarket where you can shop online for all your foodstuffs, beverages, and household needs. Shop at https://helagrocery.com and get your order shipped by express distribution services to the doorstep the same day. The site offers quality products at the same retail prices as you would pay in a supermarket.
The standard flat delivery fee applies to all orders, regardless of the weight and size of the delivery, making it convenient for customers to plan and order their weekly grocery stores online without wasting precious time on the road, in traffic jams and during parking and heavy grocery traffic. https://helagrocery.com powered by Saradari Builders Pvt Limited.

Thomas Snow CEO/Founder

Anna Baranov Client Care

Andre Kowalsy Support Boss

Pamela Doe Delivery Driver

Susan McCain Packaging Girl

How Our Delivery Work?

Create Your Order

It’s easy to find your regular items with “Add to My Cart.” You can also discover new items with a simple search. Tell us how many of each item you want, and don’t forget any special instructions. Check out using your credit or debit card or we can arrange cash on delivery also.

Choose Delivery

Find us online and Choose Delivery as your way of shopping. Then, let us know the address you’d like your groceries delivered to and what time.

We Do the Shopping

After you’re done ordering groceries online, your list will be sent to the store and filled. You’ll receive progress notifications if any questions or issues pop up.

Delivered to you

Our own company staff will deliver your groceries to your door at the time and address you selected earlier.

What can we do for you ?

Buy fresh, eat fresh. we will deliver to your doorstep.

we will deliver your orderd items within 48hours

Find great discount prices on thousands of products at 24/7

If you have any questions please contact us, our team will help you as soon as possible.